Dr. Bass Lectures at Parkview

It’s a great day to be a Parkview resident! Today, we joined together as one big family to hear the great Dr. Bass give a lecture on his Bone Zone! We enjoyed fellowship, a delicious meal and an amazing lecture. We are grateful for the experience today awarded us!

A little about Dr. William Bass 
Before the Body Farm, there had been no advances in the study of human decomposition since the 13th century. To remedy this, Dr. Bass started the Body Farm in 1971 – the first research facility of its kind to develop a systematic study of the decomposition of human remains.

With a mind as unique and original as the legendary Sherlock Holmes, Bass directed the Center’s research and created guidelines that are now used to solve murders across the globe. And although not credited, the Center’s research has been featured in murder mystery films, TV series, and novels since the Center began publishing its work – including being the inspiration for Patricia Cornwell’s best-selling book, “The Body Farm.”


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